Shannon Falls Provincial Park

IUCN Category III - Natural Monument or Feature

The Shannon case

Shannon Falls Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada. The 87 -acre park is located two kilometers south of Squamish on Highway 99 in Squamish - Lillooet Regional District.


The main attraction is the Shannon Falls, which are the third-highest waterfall in British Columbia with 335 meters. The Shannon Creek falls into several stages in depth, the main event has a height of 198 meters. The falls are fed by water from Mount Habrich and from Mount Sky Pilot. Just north of the park borders the Stawamus Chief Provincial Park and the Murrin Provincial Park. In the park is a protected area category III ( Natural Monument ).


The falls were named after a William Shannon, who bought up the surrounding land in 1890 to make bricks here. In 1900 he sold the land to the Britannia Copper Mine. Later, the land was used as a camp for the workers who were employed at the Highwaybau. 1976, it bought the Carling O'Keefe brewery, which the clear water used for brewing beer and in 1982 donated the land in the province.

Cultural Significance

For living here Squamish First Nation, the park has a spiritual significance. Their legends lived in Howe Sound after a two-headed snake named Say Noth -ka, which could move both in water and on land. You should have the Shannon Falls formed when she repeatedly crawled up the mountain, thus shaping the channel for the cases.


The Shannon Falls and the surrounding forests are often used as a film set, including Breaking Dawn - Bis (s ) at the end of the night - Part 1