Sharp Wizard

As Electronic Organizer ( or organizer ) refers to handy computer, enable the means of a personal information manager functionality ( PIM) to store and organize data, addresses, and appointments in an electronic database. Electronic Organizers have a keyboard (from about 1987 on a QWERTY keyboard ) that allows fast data input, but do not have a mobile or internet functionality. An energy- saving design allows "electronic organizers " a week-long operation with only one set of dry batteries; a lithium backup battery also provides for empty batteries operating data retention over several years safely.


In the early 1980s appeared on the market -value programmable calculators, which were partially equipped with QWERTY keyboards ( Sharp, HP, Psion, Casio, etc.). As microcomputer these could also be used for electronic scheduling, and task management, and therefore often replaced a paper organizer. These devices have been marketed by the trade, therefore, no longer as a programmable calculator, but in the German language area as Electronic Organizer ( Organizer ). ( Psion Organiser as Psion ).

With a market launch in 1993, the so-called Personal Digital Assistant ( PDA) computers, which were not served with the keyboard, but only via a touch screen and also in sequence by the market success of the equipment by the manufacturer Palm with a first time for everyday use handwriting recognition disappeared Electronic Organizer in a short time are largely market.

Organizer for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Since the conventional organizer of the blind are usually not to use, tool vendors have developed special devices for blind users.

The products range from small note taker, which has only one voice, to the model with notebook keyboard and integrated Braille display.