Sharp Zaurus

Zaurus is an Electronic Organizer series from Sharp, which is equipped with an illuminated touch screen, a QWERTY keyboard layout and for expansion with a PCMCIA card slot.

With the later generations of the Zaurus ( "SL" xxx) Sharp moved to Linux as the operating system and marketed it as a Personal Mobile Tool.


Zaurus organizer of the series ZR- 3000 and ZR -5800 followed from about 1997, the successful Sharp organizer series by IQ. With the innovative backlit touch screen ( backlight only the top model ZR -5800 ) is a good readability of the display and therefore working with an organizer was now possible even in poor lighting conditions. By the backlight, however, increased energy consumption, a Zaurus therefore needs rather than as in the IQ series with two AAA Micro now two AA-size cells. The weight and size therefore the Zaurus was significantly bulkier than an IQ Organizer.

By using the new Zaurus organizers in PCMCIA card slot standard PCMCIA cards could be used for memory expansion. Disadvantage of this innovation was, however, that previous expensive Sharp organizer expansion cards were no longer compatible. Zaurus ZR - organizer of the series can send and receive faxes with an external modem (mobile radio ), also installing third-party software is possible. Since the Zaurus ZR- series TCP / IP is missing, this model is not internet capable.

Model series (excerpt)

  • ZR- series ZR -3000, touch screen 320 x 240, 1 MB RAM.
  • ZR- 3500, a structurally identical ZR -3000 with integrated 14.4/9.6-kbit/s-Modem.
  • ZR -5000, muschelschaliger Organizer, originally only available in the Japanese market, English / International version, 1995.
  • ZR-5000/FX, ZR- 5000 with a fax modem ( "FX" ) included, 1995.
  • ZR- 5000G, German version (G stands for Germany) with QWERTY instead of QWERTY keyboard and German user interface.
  • ZR -5700
  • ZR -5800
  • SL -5000 developer version
  • SL -5500 ( Collie ) With greater processing power and more memory
  • SL-5500 The German version of the SL -5500
  • SL- C700 first clam shell version of the Zaurus with the correct keyboard
  • SL -C750 with a newer processor
  • SL- C760 with a larger internal memory and a larger battery
  • SL -C860 SL- C760 As of, but the SL -C860 can be used as USB storage
  • SL -6000 successor to the SL -5500, also available with internal Wi-Fi and / or Bluetooth
  • SL -C1000 Model First with USB host
  • SL -C3000 Just like the SL C1000, but with initial internal 4GB hard drive
  • SL- C3100 SL -C3000 How but with a larger internal memory
  • SL- C3200 with 6GB internal hard drive