Short 360

The Short 360 (also: Shorts 360) is a continuous tape of 36 passenger short-haul passenger airliner of the former British aircraft manufacturer Short Brothers.


On July 10, 1980 Short announced an improved pattern of the Short 330, which SD3 -60, Short later 360 six months ahead of schedule, the first test machine (G- ROOM) lifted on 1 June 1981 for the first flight from. At this time were the main competitors Saab SF -340, Embraer EMB 120, de Havilland Canada DHC -8 and ATR 42, not yet flown, but these are in contrast to the Short 360 pressure vented all. Almost 14 months later also started the second test aircraft (F- WIDE).

On 11 November 1982, the first Short 360 went to Suburban Airlines. After the production was so far under way that every 14 days an aircraft left the factory buildings, the old 330 - customer base, who buy 360 began. The drive continues to serve two turboprop engines Pratt & Whitney PT6A -25B, each with 862 kW ( 1,172 hp). These were distinguished by their cost-effectiveness.

In November 1985, Short introduced the 360 Advanced. She had a stronger drive (2 turboprop Pratt & Whitney PT6A - 65AR, each with 1,062 kW ( 1,444 hp) ). Later renamed the pattern in Short 360-200, so all machines previously produced were designated Short 360-100. The first two went to Thai Airways 360-200.

February 1987, a further version is placed on the market, the short 360-300. She received two propeller turbines Pratt & Whitney PT6A - 67R and 6 -blade propeller as a drive. In addition, the wing struts and nacelles were revised. The first 360-300 went to Philippine Airlines.

Shortly thereafter developed Short cargo version 360 -300F. You could take 5 LD3-Container/-Paletten with a total weight of up to 4536 kg. In 1989, the first 360 -300F at Rheinland Air Service and in June 1991 a further. This was also the last Short 360, was delivered. Until the end of production 164 aircraft were produced. In Germany, the Short 360 in 2013 still used by Night Express as a freighter.


The Short 360 could accommodate up to 36 passengers. For this, the hull of the 330 by 91 cm and the wing was extended. Furthermore, given the 360 is a completely new rear end with an undivided fin. It was intended this machine for the feeder operating at a range of 200 to 250 km. Due to the relatively low altitude of only 3,050 m was omitted pressure ventilation and thus costs. In the trunk, its aerodynamics have been improved, we enlarged the space for luggage. So you merzte from a major weakness of the Short 330. Very unusual is the fact that the captain and first officer to reach their respective seats by two separate cockpit doors ( on the right and left outside the cabin).


  • 360-100 - Master version, P & W PT6A -65
  • 360-200 - P & W PT6A - 65AR
  • 360-300 - P & W PT6A - 67AR, autopilot
  • 360 -300F - cargo version