ATA Aerocondor Transportes Aéreos Lda. was a Portuguese airline based in Cascais. It operated mainly on domestic routes Portuguese. As the only airline Aerocondor served by scheduled flights, the northern Portuguese places Bragança and Vila Real. From here also flights were offered to the South of France Agen and Paris Orly. This unusual route could be explained by a large proportion of Portuguese migrant workers in France, which are mainly from Northern Portugal. In addition Aerocondor operated the flight Madeira - Porto Santo. Was also in regular service is Aerocondor monopolist.

Aerocondor offered additional sightseeing flights and business ad-hoc charter ( air taxi ) to. 1989 - 2007 Aerocondor in cooperation with the Portuguese brigade ( SNB) and the Association of the Paper Industry ( CELPA ) worked in the forest fire fighting. This is true both for the deletion of acute forest fires, which is powered by from Spain originating from the company CEGISA Canadair CL 215 ( Water Bomber ) and Consolidated Vultee PBY -6A, as well as observation flights for early combat and prevent wildfires.

Another field of activity of the company was operating a flight school.

History and corporate structure

Aerocondor was founded in 1975 and was part of the Aerocondor group of companies. The ownership structure consisted of the Portuguese Aerocondor SGPS together with 85,15 % and the Spanish company Gestair with 14.85%. 2007 Aerocondor was sold to the Canadian- Portuguese financial holding Longstock Financial Group. This group already owned the charter airline Air Luxor, which now flies under the name HiFly. Zukunftig the name Aerocondor to be used for long-haul flights. For these flights should be purchased several Boeing 757 and 767. The regional traffic was stopped. Recently there were only two ATR -42 in operation. Previously Aerocondor also had a Shorts 360 in operation.


Aerocondor flew mainly national goals, but also goals in Spain and France were served.


As of July 2008, the fleet of the aircraft consisted of two Aerocondor:

  • 2 ATR -42