Sigmund Theophil Staden

Sigmund Theophil Staden Gottlieb ( baptized November 6, 1607 in Kulmbach, † buried July 30, 1655 in Nuremberg ) was a German organist, composer, town piper, painter and poet.

Staden's most famous work is the oldest completely preserved German opera " The clergy forest poem or pleasure game genant Seelewig " (Nuremberg, 1644; text by Georg Philipp Harsdörffer ). He also had the upper line of the four music choirs that a Peace musically framed on September 25, 1649 on the occasion of the Peace Congress execution at Nuremberg town hall. 12 the Musical Peace songs then listed and composed by Staden have been preserved ( Musicalische peace songs, Nuremberg 1651).

Staden was organist of St. Lorenz Church in Nuremberg and is like his famous father Johann Staden (1581-1634) buried in the St. John's cemetery.