Signetics was a major U.S. semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Sunnyvale ( Silicon Valley ) and other manufacturing facilities in Albuquerque and Orem. Signetics is now completely in NXP Semiconductors, the 2006 divested from Philips Semiconductor, Philips Semiconductors integrated.

Signetics was founded in 1961 and specialized in the manufacture of integrated circuits (IC ), such as the NE555. 1975 Signetics was acquired by Philips. As part of a major reorganization Philips formed Philips Semiconductors division in 1991, whereupon Signetics Philips Semiconductors in Sunnyvale was renamed and the name and the Signetics Signetics logo ( a square S) disappeared.

The term Signetics is now only Signetics Korea Ltd.. used, a former Signetics subsidiary in Korea for testing and packaging of integrated circuits. 1995 Signetics Korea became the independent subcontractor for Philips Semiconductors and opened in 1996 under the Signetics High Technology, Inc. a subsidiary in the United States. 2000 Signetics Korea was purchased from Korean Young- Poong Group.

The processor Signetics 2650A was, inter alia, in the first and only German gaming console, the Interton VC4000 (1978), in the console Hanimex HMG 2650 from 1976 to 1986 used (in the USA Arcadia 2001, 1982) and in several arcade games that were not particularly successful, however.