Simon (game)

Game of the Year 1979 shortlist

Senso ( in the English language Simon ) is a by Ralph Baer - the developer of the classic 1972 first TV game console Magnavox Odyssey - developed and Howard J. Morrison and patented in several countries, electronic game, which was released in 1978 at Milton Bradley and particularly in the 1980s, enjoyed great popularity. 1979 was on the shortlist for the game of the year. Recently, the game is also sold in Germany as Simon.


Sensors can be played alone or with multiple people. The game consists of four major fields in the colors red, blue, yellow and green. These light up alternately, indicating for each color a short, individual tone of themselves. The player has to memorize this sequence and repeat after the completion of the default by the game. With each round, there is an additional color -tone combination. With increasing difficulty, the fields light up faster in order.

Arcade game

1974, four years earlier, there was already the arcade game Touch Me by Atari with 4 black buttons. 1978 Senso - clone as a handheld Touch Me ( with 4 colors, spelling without the hyphen ) was released. Although the English name comes from Simon Odyssey game Simon Says, but based on the Senso Touch Me not successful.

While the "original " Senso was designed as a table game, soon came on and the portable mini- sensors as well as the 2 player simultaneous -use super- sensors.