Simplex communication

Unidirectional means " in one direction " (cf. Latin unus = " one"). The notion found, inter alia in communication technology use, as unidirectional (data) communication. One understands that the communication between two participants is not bidirectional ( two-sided) takes place, but that each communication participant sends only, without being informed by the receiving party as to whether the message was received correctly. This technique is useful in application scenarios, which depend more on performance than on correctness of the data.

The term can also be found in the ( tele) communications or in the entertainment media. For example, the radio is a prime example of one-way communication and the television is a unidirectional entertainment and information medium.

Materials Science

With respect to FRP laminates, the term refers to the given direction of the fibers of the prepreg, in this case, the fibers are oriented in one direction only. The main concept for prepreg material in which the fibers generally run only in the 0 ° direction ( warp ) is also unidirectional prepreg tape or.

Printing Techniques

In printing technology in computer printers or other similar office machines, the term also refers to a method in which the printing unit prints only in moving from left to right mark on the paper and on the way back only takes a carriage return.


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