Singularity (operating system)

Singularity is a project from Microsoft Research with the goal of creating a reliable operating system in which the kernel, device drivers and all applications are written in managed code. The Singularity operating system follows a new security concept called software - isolated Processes ( SIPs ). Since March 4, 2008, the source code is publicly available under the Microsoft Research License.


The operating system is designed as a micro- kernel system. Kernel and device drivers are written in managed code, Sing #, a variant of the C # Spec # derivative, is used.

The kernel consists of this:

  • Scheduler, page management, as well as an I / O manager ( microkernel )
  • A channel manager that manages the communication between the individual SIPs
  • A class library.

All processes which are not made at the kernel level, are encapsulated in SIPs. These are self-contained code and object spaces, no address space units. All communication between those SIP entities via bidirectional channels, the data exchange is type safe.


Applications are CLR programs.