Skytrax is an English consulting company that performs worldwide since 1990 surveys on subjective quality of international airlines and airports and assigns according to the results Awards.

It concerns with the survey results, based on experience to the traveler reviews of airlines and airports. For this purpose, there is the option to leave reviews on the English-language website of Skytrax. The airlines will be evaluated on their performance experienced regarding service quality, comfort, catering, etc. and receive awards based on the results of five stars for very good performance down to a star. In addition, be awarded once a year, the World Airline Awards to those companies that particularly stood out by their positive reviews - both overall and by region and cabin classes.


Airline of the Year

The World Airline Awards by Skytrax is the world's most prestigious award for airlines. More than 18.8 million passengers from over 100 countries are surveyed in a ten-month period every year for the World Airline Awards.

Airport of the Year

For the Awards of 2011, 11.38 million people were interviewed from over 100 nations. More than 240 airports have been recorded here.