SLA is an abbreviation for:

  • Salzburg State Archives
  • Ship Intercom
  • Swiss Literary Archives of the Swiss National Library in Bern collects literary advantages and discounts in the four Swiss national languages ​​German, French, Italian and Romansh.
  • Sealed Lead Acid, Sealed lead-acid accumulators see lead acid battery #
  • Serumlangsamagglutination, a term from the serology
  • Service Level Agreement, an agreement on the quality and the price of a service contract
  • Service Center for Rural Development Agricultural Promotion
  • SLA Industries, a science fiction role-playing game
  • Soltau -Lüneburg Agreement was a treaty between the Federal Republic of Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada, 1963-1994, the use of land in the Lüneburg Heath as a military training ground, especially for tanks, regulated
  • Soluble Liver Antigen, English for soluble liver antigen, see autoimmune hepatitis
  • Stereolithography, a process of rapid prototyping
  • Sudan Liberation Army, dt: Sudanese Liberation Army / Movement
  • South Lebanon Army, a Lebanese militia
  • Symbionese Liberation Army, an American terrorist group

Sla stands for:

  • The ISO 639-2 identifier for other Slavic languages
  • Disambiguation
  • Abbreviation