So Fine (film)

  • Ryan O'Neal: Bobby Fine
  • Jack Warden Jack
  • Mariangela melatonin: Lira
  • Richard Kiel: Eddie
  • Fred Gwynne: Lincoln
  • Mike Kellin: Sam Schlotzman
  • David Rounds: Professor McCarthy
  • Joel Stedman: Professor Yarnell
  • Angela Pietro Pinto: Sylvia
  • Michael Lombard: Jay Augustine

The freaky professor is a comedy from director Andrew Bergman, produced in 1981 in the United States.


Bobby Fine is a professor of literature. When his father Jack the clothing company gets into economic trouble, Bobby should provide a remedy. However, it is not a fashion expert. By chance, he comes up with the idea of a new pair of jeans that is very successful.


  • Time Out: The idea should be high on the long list of ideas that writers should not have. You am good for a sitcom. Most Humor draw out for inanity.
  • Variety: Impressively strong directorial debut.
  • Lexicon of international film: A turbulent farce with some original ideas, but mostly silly.

This and That

It was shot the comedy in New York City and New Jersey. The rights belong to Warner Bros.