Son River


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The Son (Hindi: सोन [ so ː n]; well Sone, Soane ) is a river in northern India. It is the largest southern tributary of the Ganges, and flows through the states of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Bihar.

The Sun rises in the Vindhyagebirge at Amarkantak in Madhya Pradesh East near the source of the Narmada. From there, it flows first in a northerly direction, then meets the Kaimur mountains and bends to the east. From there on, the Son flows parallel to the running east -west direction Kaimur mountain range. In a short section, it flows through the state of Uttar Pradesh (District Sonbhadra ), then it forms the border between Bihar and Jharkhand, before it enters the Gangetic plain of Bihar and west ends of Patna in the Ganges. The length of the Son is 784 km. The largest city on the banks of the river is Dehri.

Under the Sanskrit name Shona ( शोण SONA ) of the Son in numerous works of ancient Indian literature such as the Mahabharata and the Ramayana appears. In the India - descriptions of ancient Greco-Roman geographers a river called Sonos Sonus is mentioned or who might be identical with the Son. For lack of clarity but adds, that Megasthenes and Arrian mention next to the Sonos is also a river called Erannoboas as tributary of the Ganges. In the name of the latter river it could keep a reproduction of Hiranyabahu, one also occupied in Sanskrit literature epithet of Son.