Southern Fuegian Railway

The Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino (short FCAF ) is a narrow gauge railway in Tierra del Fuego (Argentina ). It is the southernmost railway in the world and is therefore also called El Tren del Fin del Mundo called ( " train at the end of the world" ). The management of the railway is located in Ushuaia.


Between 1909 and 1952, a 25 km long served from Ushuaia outbound train with 600 mm gauge the material transport for a prison as well as the transport of the prisoners of stricken timber. In 1947 the prison was replaced by a naval base, and two years later a major earthquake made ​​parts of the route impassable. The railway was rebuilt, but in 1952 closed due to unprofitability.

In 1994, the tourist train was re-opened, this time with only 500 mm gauge. The output station is no longer in the city, but about 8 km west of it on the National Road 3 The path leads from there via two intermediate stops in the National Park Tierra del Fuego. The terminus is back on the National Road, and many tourists use buses for the return trip.

An extension of the route to Ushuaia is scheduled again.

Today's car park

For steam locomotive hauled trains are three locomotives available, two Garratt locomotives of the class KM and a tank locomotive with the wheel arrangement 1'C1 '. All locomotives since 1994 resulting new buildings.

For working trucks shunting and rides in the off season some diesel locomotives are available.

The car park consists of 15 coaches of the economy class in two different types, four 1st class cars and a " presidential limousine ". All of the cars are closed and heated.