Spencer Gulf

- 34.133333333333137.06666666667Koordinaten: 34 ° 8 ' S, 137 ° 4' O

The Spencer Gulf and Spencer Gulf is the western of two large arms of the sea, extending into the southern coast of Australia in the state of South Australia. Both are located on the Great Australian Bight. The Gulf is 322 km long and 129 km wide at the mouth. The west coast of the gulf formed by the Eyre Peninsula, the east side of the Yorke Peninsula. The latter separates it from the smaller Gulf St Vincent. The largest cities on the Gulf are Whyalla, Port Pirie and Port Augusta.

The Golf was named by its discoverer Matthew Flinders in 1802 in honor of George Spencer, 2nd Earl Spencer and ancestors of Diana of Wales, Spencer's Gulph. Today, the name " Spencer Gulf " is common. The inlet was baptized the same time by Nicolas Baudin also Golfe Bonaparte around, but this name could not (such as in the case of the Fleurieu Peninsula ) prevail.

The land around the golf was first explored in 1839 and 1840-41 by Edward John Eyre for the Europeans. The colonization of the coasts began in the late 1840s.