SSV (band)

SSV NSMABAAOTWMODAACOTIATW (generally abbreviated SSV) was a band founded by Andrew Eldritch for the express purpose to free his band The Sisters of Mercy of a record deal with EastWest Records, a label of Warner Music Group.

Eldritch was on the Sisters of Mercy site pointing out the full name of the band could "Screw Shareholder Value - Not So Much A Band As Another Opportunity To Waste Money On Drugs And Ammunition, courtesy Of The Idiots At Time Warner " mean.


Trigger the episode around the band SSV were years of disputes between Andrew Eldritch and his record label EastWest Records, which meant that Eldritch over seven years, handed in no usable for the label work. The label, however, refused to cancel the contract. 1997 East West agreed to an album of SSV with vocal contributions from Eldrich in exchange for the contracted two Sisters of Mercy albums to accept.

Eldritchs intention was to pass a non- marketable product without stylistic resemblance to The Sisters of Mercy to the record company in order to be released from the contract. The record company accepted the recordings unheard and broke the contract with Eldritch.

The only shot of the SSV album Go Figure with ten titles was surprisingly not published little. Nevertheless reached bootlegs and downloads of the pieces in circulation. Eldritch called on fans, the album of any published work not to buy but to download it on the internet because of the poor quality not worth a money issue.

The album was produced by two Hamburg musicians named Peter Bellendir ( formerly of Xmal Germany ) and T. Schroeder as a commission. Eldritch himself contributed except for some voice samples at nothing. These samples were backed by the musicians in no time with techno music. Go Figure is made up of ten songs. Shortly before passing it to the record company, the percussion tracks have been removed, so that was the result of " techno without Beats ."


  • Go Figure (1997, not officially published)


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