Stafford Rangers F.C.

The Stafford Rangers FC is an English football club based in Stafford. While the team at league level football never fulfilled from the Non -League, they often reached the main round of the FA Cup competition and twice won the FA Trophy.


The founding date of the Stafford Rangers can not be more exact details, as records at the beginning of the 20th century were lost. Because of newspaper articles but there is definitely isolated to the 1876 or 1877. First, active mainly in friendlies, joined the team in 1884 for the first time in a major round of the FA Cup on. Until the Second World War, the club occurred mainly in the regional Birmingham League in appearance, in which he first starred in the front table area, but had to fight later with financial problems. With the beginning of the war, the club broke the absence of a sufficient number of players on, but founded 1945.

1968 rose Stafford Rangers in the Northern Premier League, which at the time highest league outside the Football League. A year later joined Roy Chapman, who had end his playing career as player-coach at the club and led him to one of the most successful periods in their history. In 1972, the team took under his leadership, the treble of championships in the Northern Premier League, FA Trophy and the regional Staffordshire Senior Cup. Yet remained a recording denied in the Football League. Three years later, the club also reached the fourth round in the main FA Cup, the decisive defeat against Peterborough United pursued over 30,000 spectators. In 1979 the club won the FA Trophy again and finally belonged in the same year of the founding members of the Alliance Premier League, the Football Conference today. 1983 got off the team, but returned two years later. In the following years she took courses mainly in the central table space. After the renewed decline in 1995, the club fell in the following season from on and played a few years in unterklassigen area.

2003 rose Stafford Rangers as a table runner of the Southern Football League in the Conference North sechstklassige on. Three years later it was enough here to runners, tantamount to returning to the Football Conference as the highest league in the non -League football. In the first year the club held just under the class of 2008 re descent followed. After three years, the team's League Premier Division rose from the Northern Premier.