Northern Premier League

The Northern Premier League is a national English Football Association. The Association co-organized with the Southern Football League and the Isthmian League, the seventh and eighth tier of English league system.

Game class structure

The Northern Premier League currently organizes the sport of three leagues. This is the Premier Division as the seventh highest league in England and settled among parallel Division One North and Division One South. The master of the Premier Division will automatically advance to the Conference North. The placed on rank two to five teams taking part in the play-offs, where the second climber is determined in the Conference North.


The league was founded in 1968 as a northern counterpart to the existing since 1894 Southern Football League and formed at that time the highest league level of non -League football. After the founding of the Alliance Premier League, today's Football Conference, the league was a league level reset.

The Master rises at the end of the season automatically in the Conference North. The classified ranked between two and five teams taking part in the play-offs, where the second climber in the Conference North is determined. The last four classified teams in the league will be relegated to Division One North and Division One South and are replaced by the four climbers.

As in 1979 merged the top teams of the individual associations to Football Conference, the matches of the League Association was demoted by one rank in the league system.

1988 was established by the Northern Premier League Division One as the base. When the Football Conference in 2004 also introduces a second game class as base, the Premier Division has been reset to the seventh division.

Master of the Northern Premier League

More Contests

The Northern Premier League also organizes several cup competitions. All teams in all three divisions be part of the Challenge Cup, the clubs from the Premier Division in the first two rounds get a bye. In addition, after the season will be held the Chairman's Cup between the two winners of Season One Division. The winner of the Chairman's Cup continues to play against the champions of the Premier Division at the Peter Swales Shield.