Bradford Park Avenue A.F.C.

Bradford Park Avenue, actually Bradford Association Football Club is an English football club from Bradford, West Yorkshire. He was re-founded in 1988 in the tradition of the 1974 resolution former first division.


Although the club actually Bradford AFC is, it has become common to run the club under the name Bradford Park Avenue to distinguish it from local rivals Bradford City AFC. Park Avenue was the long time used by the club stadium.


The club was founded in 1863 as the Bradford Football Club and belonged in 1895 to the founding members of the Northern Rugby Football Union. 1904 won the club championship, two years later, the Challenge Cup. In 1907 they gave the game to the rugby league rules and decided to go to the football game. Since the Orstrivale Bradford City AFC additionally had registered the name Bradford United, the club was able to use any of the common names additives. Then they gave is simply the name Bradford AFC without additives.

The association applied for admission to the Football League, but this was denied. Then, the team competed in the Southern Football League, where they took the place of Fulham FC, which had been included in the Football League. A year later, Bradford was recorded even in the Second Division. 1913, reached the summit in the first-class First Division, where the ninth 1915, the best result in the club's history was reached.

1921 rose from Bradford from the first division and was in the following season in the Third Division passed. 1928 managed to return to the second division. By 1950, the team played in the Second Division, before they descended again. In the restructuring of the English Ligasysems 1958, the team slipped from fourth-rate even in the Fourth Division, but could rise again in 1961 to the third tier. 1963 had to descend into the Viertklassigkeit the club again.

1970 Bradford AFC was voted out of the Football League and replaced by Cambridge United. Now the club in the Northern Premier League had to make. Because of financial difficulties also in 1973 the domestic Stadium Park Avenue was sold. However, the problems have not been resolved once and a year later, the club went bankrupt.

The club continued to exist as a recreational team, before it was re-established in 1988 again as a regular club and took part in the championship of the West Riding County Amateur Football League. This was followed by the rise in the Central Midlands Football League and later in the North West Counties Football League.

In 1995, the re- promotion to the Northern Premier League. Came in 2004, the rise in the Conference North, from which the team descended directly after only one season.

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