Football League Fourth Division

The Football League Fourth Division from 1958 to 1992, the fourth- highest division in the Football League, while the fourth-highest league in English football as a whole. With the introduction of the FA Premier League in 1992, the Fourth Division dissolved and the Third Division became the fourth English league. Currently, the fourth division is referred to as Football League Two.


Before the introduction of the Premier League in 1992, the four went into the final table finishers in the Third Division on. The-table were relegated to the Football Conference, thus losing its official status as a professional team depending on the economic situation on rising teams. An automatic relegation to the Football Conference has until the year 1987 does not exist.

The Fourth Division was founded in 1958, when the twelve best clubs in the Third Division South and Third Division North to the Third Division combined and the remaining teams the Fourth Division gave rise.

The Fourth Division was as Division Four, League Fourth Division or jokingly as a cellar League: referred (English basement division ).

Winners of Fourth Division (1959-1992)