Football League Third Division North

The Football League Third Division North was 1921-1958 - as well as the Football League Third Division South - within the Football League one of two third- highest leagues in English football.


After a single-track third league in the Football League had been called primarily from clubs in the Southern League launched a year earlier with the Football League Third Division, the League Association responded to the numerical dominance of the southern English clubs with the creation of a parallel North Division. The desired balance of the two leagues failed to complete because the 22 clubs from the Third Division South initially were opposed only 20 clubs in the new Third Division North. The 20 clubs came from the Midland League, Central League, the North Eastern League, the Lancashire Combination and the Birmingham Combination. After two seasons, the Third Division North in 1923 increased to 22 participants.

Only the master of the Third Division North was able to rise into the overlying Football League Second Division. The fight for the place in the second division was accordingly difficult and so the number of participants was relatively constant, which manifested itself in the fact that the same eight teams completed the entire 30 seasons of the Third Division North. The most prominent participants in the " Northern League " were the later English champions Wolverhampton Wanderers and Derby County.

The Football League Third Division North Cup its own cup competition from, - Between 1934 and 1946, the participants of the Third Division North played - interrupted by the Second World War.

In 1958, the two leagues merged into a third Football League Third Division and a new fourth-rate Football League Fourth Division.

Winners of the Football League Third Division North

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