State Museum of Technology

The Technical Landesmuseum Mecklenburg -Vorpommern was established in 1961 in Schwerin as Polytechnical Museum and was located in some rooms of the Schwerin Castle.


After the political changes in 1990, the museum had its place in the castle rooms and stood in 1996 shortly before the collapse. The country had it released from its ownership, without having to set before an appropriate collecting society. From the economy and the municipalities were founded of the association Technical Landesmuseum Mecklenburg- Vorpommern eV Providing financial support by the Ministry of Culture and the founding of the association, the museum finally rescued. Since then, the sponsoring organization also receives broad political support. In 1997, the Technical State Museum moved into the Schwerin Marstall. In addition, a branch was purchased in August 2003 in Wismar. This was the first step towards relocation of the museum to Wismar. There is to be built with a new building and a new concept under the name phanTECHNIKUM a mixture of science center and technical museum. The exhibition of the Technical State Museum in Schwerin Marstall was closed in early 2011.

Marstall Schwerin

In the exhibition the traffic engineering took the most space. During the shipbuilding for Mecklenburg -Vorpommern is known as formative centuries, there were also railway and automobile in the country. The aircraft industry had dominated the whole economy in the first half of the 20th century. Fokker, Arado, Heinkel, Dornier and Bachmann were established. At Fokker Schwerin - Görries during the First World War fighter aircraft developed for the Imperial German air force. Heinkel, Arado, Bachmann and Dornier built since the 1920s, both civil and military aircraft. During World War II combat aircraft were of all plants built for the Air Force.

One of the richest parts of collections in the exhibition, the machine included for power generation. Models and originals were often seen in action. From the underlying single-piston steam engine turn of the century up to the six- cylinder diesel engine of the sail training ship Gorch Fock of 1953 presented the exhibits. Communications and home appliances completed the program.

Technology show Wismar

The exhibition in Wismar glass house in the public park shows, among other things, a series of vintage cars that were built after 1945 in Eisenach, such as the EMW 340 and the IFA F9. In addition, the history of the aircraft, railcar and shipbuilding is presented in the Hanseatic city. In addition to originals and replicas of different models can be seen.


The Technical State Museum is breaking new ground with his project Phantechnikum. So far, the non-profit operating company in charge of the exhibitions in Schwerin and Wismar Marstall public park. Since the beginning of 2011, the exhibition in Schwerin Marstall is closed. He was completely eliminated and incorporated the exhibits in Wismar until the opening of phanTECHNIKUM.

The Phantechnikum will combine both exhibitions from Schwerin and Wismar under one roof, supplement, and present in a new form. On the former barracks site creates a museum experience that will become a new tourist attraction.

The four elements of fire, water, air and earth structure the themes of the exhibition.

Since 1 December 2012, the Phantechnikum is open to visitors.

Events and Projects

  • The Oll Bike Race was created in 2001 after a call to the Schwerin People's Daily about who has the oldest bike in this area?. With the prospects a race and different disciplines were organized. Due to the success of the event was repeated every year. There were various competitions held as slalom, racing and driving skills. In addition to the high wheels, mini bikes, impeller and other curiosities, special wheels went onto the track. Bicycles with auxiliary motor started in a special classification.
  • The museum rally for vintage 2001 also took place for the first time. It launched cars and motorcycles mainly from GDR production. First, the participants met at the stables, toured the exhibit and then staged a parade with introduction of the participants, after which the audience selects his favorite. This was followed by the exit with special.
  • The North German solar car race is a joint event of the Technical State Museum eV and Solar Initiative MV eV, which was held for the first time in 2001. Children and young people have the task of designing the fastest and best solar car. Approximately four to five months before the race e by Technical Landesmuseum V. kits are distributed, which also contain an engine and transmission along with four solar cells. During the transmission may be improved and modified by the students, the default engines and solar cells must be used to start in any case. Nevertheless, there are a number of tricks on how you can improve your mobile, for example, material, or drive housing. The constructed Mobile then enter a race against each other.
  • Since 2005, the Technical State Museum also performs a soapbox derby in the public park in Wismar. Organised by the Technical State Museum and Karstadt Wismar race is conducted in cooperation with Wismarer schools.
  • In addition to education, for example, in physics, the museum offers project-based teaching in the fields of power generation, aviation technology and history and computer technology. Here are both theoretical relationships mediated as well as on models operating principles are made clear.