Stephen Wallace Dorsey

Stephen Wallace Dorsey ( born February 28, 1842 in Benson, Rutland County, Vermont, † March 20, 1916 in Los Angeles ) was an American politician ( Republican), who represented the state of Arkansas in the U.S. Senate.

At an early age moved with his family from Stephen Dorsey Vermont to Ohio, where the small town of Oberlin new home was. He attended the public schools and joined at the beginning of the Civil War the Union Army. After the war he moved to Sandusky, where he found a job at a tool company, whose president he became later. The same post he held when he moved to Arkansas at the Arkansas Railway Company.

Dorsey, who settled in Helena, was elected in 1872 to the Senate and was the chamber of 4 March 1873 to 3 March 1879; to the re-election he was not applied. During his time in the Senate he was chairman of the Committee on the District of Columbia. He was previously the last Republican, served as Senior Senator, the place that service older of the two senators from a state.

In 1880, Dorsey was a member of the Republican National Committee; otherwise he took no more political tasks. He was on a business engaged in the livestock and mining in New Mexico and Colorado, and spent his final years in California.