Mark Pryor

Mark Pryor ( born January 10, 1963 in Fayetteville, Arkansas ) is an American politician of the Democratic Party. Pryor represents the state of Arkansas in the U.S. Senate.


Political career

Pryor was born the son of Barbara Lunsford and later Governor of Arkansas and U.S. Senator David Hampton Pryor. After leaving school in Arkansas Pryor studied at the University of Arkansas law and reached the Bachelor and Juris Doctor. After his studies he worked as a lawyer and became a member of the Democratic Party. In 1991 he succeeded in gaining a politician in the House of Representatives from Arkansas, where he served as a deputy until 1994. From 12 January 1999 to 3 January 2003, Attorney General Pryor was in the state of Arkansas. In the congressional elections in 2002, he won the former Senate seat of his father by defeating the Republican incumbent Tim Hutchinson and is consequently since January 3, 2003 Senator of the United States. In 2008 he was re-elected without Republican opponent by a large majority.

Religious positions

According to the author Jeff Sharlet, Pryor is close to the religious organization The Family. Sharlet quotes Pryor, who is said to have said: " the separation of church and state are exaggerated and that Jesus had not come to bring peace, but to take over the power (. " Had learned did the separation of church and state was a sort of secular exaggeration " and that" Jesus did not come to bring peace. Jesus came to take over. " )

Political positions

In 2010, Pryor voted against Obama's health care reform.

On December 18, he voted for the extension of the rights of gay U.S. soldiers.

He is deciding against the right of women to abortion itself.


Pryor was interviewed on Bill Maher's satirical documentary Religulous, which earned him a national reputation. Then he put the theory of evolution into question and pleaded to creationism. He exhibited at the beginning states that he was an evangelical Christian and believe that the end could be near. As Maher then tells him that it made him worry that Religious have so much power, he said the sentence: " You do not need to pass to an IQ test to be in the Senate ." (Eng.: you need to pass any IQ test to become Senator ).

Member of the U.S. Senate Committees