Steve Tibbetts

Steve Tibbetts (born 1954 in Minneapolis ) is an American guitarist and composer who mixes his studio productions elements of ethnic music and rock with world jazz and occasionally plays Kendang and Kalimba.

Life and work

Tibbetts learned the guitar as an autodidact and initially moving in the folk scene. In 1976, he released his debut album. With his thesis as incurred on the college sophomore album YR, on which he mounted up to twenty guitars in overdub and was honored by Downbeat with five stars, he reached for the first time the general public; This first published self-published album was included in the program of ECM. In his albums are influences of the music of Indonesia and Nepal, with which Tibbetts deals since his studies, recognizable. He is primarily for his studio productions in which almost always percussionist Marc Anderson was involved, become known and rarely been on tour. "Beyond the mainstream of jazz, rock and folk ," said music journalist Michael Engelbrecht, " enchants the sound soup Tibbetts with an irritating mixture of foxy Studiotüftelei and free flowing improvisation joyful sound ideas. "

Disco Graphical Notes

  • YR ( Frammis / ECM, 1980)
  • Northern Song ( ECM, 1982)
  • Safe Journey ( ECM, 1984)
  • Exploded View (ECM, 1986)
  • Chö with Choying Drolma ( Hannibal, 1997)
  • Knut Hamre Å ( Hannibal, 1999)
  • A Man about a Horse (ECM, 2002)
  • Natural Causes (ECM, 2010)

Lexigraphic entries

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