Stinson Aircraft Company

The Stinson Aircraft Company was an American aircraft manufacturer based in Detroit.

Stinson Aircraft was founded in 1926 by Eddie Stinson Stinson Airplane Syndicate as to build the Stinson Detroiter, a robust, developed for the Detroit Chamber of Commerce aircraft (including flown by Ruth Elder and the Stinson sisters Katherine and Marjorie ). 1931, the company went along with AVCO, 1940, the company was merged with Vultee Aircraft. 1943 took over the company Consolidated Vultee Aircraft and Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation became. In 1948, Piper Aircraft Stinson bought and integrated them.

Aircraft models of Stinson

  • Detroit
  • Reliant, a single-engine, 4 -5- seater aircraft, which was used among others in the U.S. Navy, the British Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard and built from 1933 to 1948
  • Sentinel, a light, single-engine airplane. Often in military use as reconnaissance, medical and supply aircraft, but was also popular as private and Sport machine ( Model SR Sentinel Voyager ).
  • SM -6000
  • Model A
  • Model U Airliner