Suicide (band)

Suicide was an American No Wave duo from New York. Your active time included the 1970s and early 1980s. Then there were some Reunions, all of which were, however, quite briefly. The particular significance is the role model for subsequent bands and musicians. In 2002 she published her initial last album with American Supreme.

Style and appearance

With a distorted by various effects, singing, which was only accompanied by synthesizers and a drum machine, the two musicians produced dramatic, emotionally disturbing songs in which neurotic eerie, nightmarish moods with some very poetic lyrics, and above all with very beautiful, simple melodies contrasted. At concerts, the duo staged as a kind of "End theater."

Band member Alan Vega said in an interview to a concert in the New York music club CBGB:

Since time immemorial, the dispute with the American dream and nightmare moved by the lyrics of the duo. The disillusioning issue found its counterpart in disillusioning music and a provocative appearance. Suicide avoided the confrontation with one in the 1970s still largely uncomprehending audience is not made ​​, although some shows had to be stopped prematurely. Even 25 years after her debut album Suicide still played their typical style between minimal techno ( Martin Revs reduced keyboard playing ) and rockabilly ( Alan Vegas -influenced, among others, Elvis singing style ), but now with references to contemporary electronic music.

Both Suicide and Alan Vega are still called and worshiped by many musicians as role models. Especially the musician and publisher Henry Rollins has rendered outstanding services to the memory of Suicide. Even the Rolling Stone paid tribute to the duo by recording their debut album in the top 500 albums of all time tribute.


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