Super Mario Strikers

Mario Smash Football ( in the U.S. Super Mario Strikers, in Japanスーパー マリオ ストライカーズsupamariosutoraikazu ) is a super mario football video game for the Gamecube console. For the Wii console, a successor appeared named Mario Strikers Charged Football.


A team consists of five players, including three field players, a team leader and a goalkeeper belong. In two to fifteen minutes, the teams try to fit the ball into the opponent's net. These numerous tricks can be used, which, analogous to the classic Mario platformers, as well as attacks on the enemy with turtle shells, banana peels, chain dogs and other items belong. Rules on touchline, offside, etc. do not exist.

The game is divided into five modes, including a tutorial, several tournaments and multiplayer mode are.