SV 08 Steinach

The SV Steinach is a German sports club in the Thuringian town of Steinach.


In the past, the city in the sport was mostly known for its football. However, there were also successes in winter sports, as was, for example, Hammerschmidt of the BSG Motor Steinach 1986 East German champion in ski special slalom and combination. In the following, but is of the Steinach football teams mentioned.

Beginnings to 1945

On November 4, 1908, the first FC Steinach was founded. It merged in 1919 with FC Teutonia to the sports club 08 Steinach. In the season 1938/39, the SV 08 played in the Gauliga center, at that time one of the 16 highest football leagues, and came to the end of season the 3rd place. In the following years Steinach not participated in the operation of the game Gauliga, but was in 1940 in the German cup competition, the Tschammerpokal successfully. In the 2nd round of the SV 08 defeated the Gauligameister CSC 03 Kassel 4-2.

Foundation of BSG Motor

After the end of World War II the sports club 08 Steinach was dissolved, as the occupying powers had banned all civil associations. In the Soviet occupation zone sports competitions were first allowed only at the county level in so-called sports communities. Thus was founded in September 1945, the sports community Steinach, whose football team played in the circle class, from 1948 in the state of Thuringia class. In 1950, the sports communities were converted to company sports teams (BSG ), which were supported financially by the so-called carrier operations. In Steinach so did the BSG mechanics, which a year later was renamed BSG steel Steinach. On March 1, 1952, the BSG then finally came on as a motor Steinach. After 1952 with the establishment of the East German districts of the country's football classes were abolished, the BSG Motor played in the district league Suhl on.

Between I and II DDR -Liga 1957-1963

In 1956, the team was district champion and rose to the third class at this time II DDR -Liga. There they reached the 3rd place in 1957 and 1958, the squadron victory. Also the promotion round was successfully completed, and so could play second-rate motor Steinach 1959 in the I. DDR -Liga. The League games could take place in 1958 inaugurated Stadium on Fellberg, but the team did not have the sufficient strength and missed the end of the season as third from bottom in the league by one point. 1960 Steinacher were again Season II winner in the DDR -Liga, but failed this time in the promotion round. 1961/62 football operation was switched back to the autumn - spring rhythm, and all the teams had to complete a transition a three- round. After 39 Play Motor Steinach was second season, and that was enough to climb, as the I. DDR League had since been increased to two squadrons. The team had been strengthened in 1961 by the talented young player Rudi Bätz and Günther mercury and by the defender Wolfgang Wenke of forward Cottbus, and for the new season in the I. DDR League could still Ulrich spear Schneider from SC Motor Karl- Marx-Stadt and Herbert Fölsche be obtained (11 league games for the SC motor Karl- Marx-Stadt ). Thus equipped the team succeeded under her coach Heinz body as rising stars of the march through the I. DDR - League for No. 1 at the end of the season and the simultaneous qualification for the DDR - Oberliga. Substantial contribution to this surprising success was the striker Werner Linß, whose fine form was rewarded with the use in two games of the East German National Team ( December 9, 1962 Mali DDR 1:2, December 16, 1962 Guinea- GDR 2:3 ). It was a rare event that a second division player for national team was.

Oberliga years 1963-1965

With only 8,000 residents Steinach had become the smallest city league. Contrary to expectations Motor Steinach also played in the highest GDR football class a good role. The 2-1 win against champions SC Motor Jena in the first home game in front of 25,000 spectators was no fluke. After the team had temporarily located on the second place, they finished the season 1963/64, from a seventh place. In the season 1964/65 proved to be true the football wisdom that the second year is always the most difficult for a climber. Only eight victories in three draws and 15 defeats were not enough for the league, as Table Steinach had to motor back to the second division. The balance of the two Oberliga years is reflected in the eternal league table like this down: Less than 46 participating teams achieved motor Steinach ranked 33rd, and from the seven teams who completed only two seasons, only Empor Lauter was successful.

DDR League and District League after 1965

After the descent, the Oberliga BSG Motor played a few years in the south of the East German league season and could exist until 1969 in the top half of the table. After the season in the league was managed only by goal difference compared to motor Eisenach 1969/70, saved in the following year, the restructuring of the East German League in 5 seasons the Steinacher from certain crash in the third division. In the newly created scale E, the team was able to re- stabilize before 1975 it was clear the descent into the district league Suhl. In the years 1977, 1980, 1982 respectively succeeded to rise again in the East German league, which just as often again followed the descent. In the eternal table of the DDR -Liga Motor Steinach covered with 15 seasons and 386 games, of which 124 won, the 43rd rank.

Reestablishment of the SV Steinach 08

After the political changes of 1989 and the migration to the West German economic system accounted for the economic basis for all company sports teams, on the other hand, the creation of private-law associations was again possible. In Steinach then founded former members of the BSG Motor on February 28, 1990 Sports Club Steinach 08 after 45 years again. Besides football, winter sports, bowling, table tennis, volleyball, gymnastics / gymnastics and taekwondo are offered. The first football team had since she was descended still in GDR times in the fourth-rate class district, compete in the national class of Thuringia from 1991. 2003 promotion to the league Thuringia (5th division), from which the club withdrew to the district league after the 2008 /09 season. A year later promotion to the country siebtklassige class in which the club also currently (as of season 2011 /12) competes (Season South).


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