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The Sveriges Riksbank (Swedish Sveriges Riksbank ) is the central bank of Sweden. She's an authority of the Swedish Parliament.

The Reichsbank is headed by a directorate consisting of six members. The Directorate members are elected by the Reichsbank Committee ( swedish riksbanksfullmäktige ) for six years, where each year a member is elected. The eleven members of the Reichsbank Committee shall be elected by the Reichstag, the composition of the Committee reflects the political composition of the Reichstag.

The Sveriges Riksbank has the sole responsibility for the Swedish monetary policy, but not for monetary policy. The general guidelines for monetary policy to be taken by the Government, the Reichsbank, however, is responsible for their implementation. The Riksbank also has a monopoly on the issuance of banknotes and coins. In carrying out its tasks, the Riksbank is independent and can take instructions.


The Sveriges Riksbank is the oldest existing central bank in the world. It was formed through the acquisition, which was founded by Johan Palmstruch 1656 Palmstruch Bank or Bank of Stockholm. The Bank of Palmstruch 1656 got the right to issue bank notes. Due to an issue from 1661, the bank went bankrupt in 1668 and was adopted by the Swedish Parliament, to restore confidence in the banking system again.

The issue of banknotes was only in 1701 cautiously resumed. In the 19th century, private banks were allowed to issue bank notes, but they were redeemable for Reichsbank notes. 1897 got the Reichsbank a monopoly on the issuance of banknotes, and from 1904 on were only the notes of the Reichsbank as payment. Thus, the Riksbank also took over the control of monetary policy in Sweden.

In 1968 the Riksbank celebrated its 300th anniversary and donated to this cause the price of the Sveriges Riksbank of Economics, as Nobel Prize -known because it is dedicated to the memory of Alfred Nobel and is assigned as the real Nobel Prizes for similar criteria.


The Sveriges Riksbank has its headquarters in Stockholm. The center is housed in Riksbankshuset ( Reichsbank building). The building was built in 1970 by architect Peter Celsing in brutalistischem style.

Financial crisis in 2009

As the first central bank in the world, the Riksbank has decided a negative interest rate.

Line of the Riksbank

First Deputy ( Förste deputerad )

  • Karl Langenskiöld, 1901-1912
  • Victor Moll, 1912-1929
  • Ivar Rooth, 1929-1929

President of the Reichsbank ( Riksbankschefer )

  • Ivar Rooth, 1929-1948
  • Klas Böök, 1948-1951
  • Mats Lemne, 1951-1955
  • Per Åsbrink, 1955-1973
  • Krister Wickman, 1973-1976
  • Lars Wohlin, 1979-1982
  • Bengt Dennis, 1982-1993
  • Urban Bäckström, 1993 - December 31, 2002
  • Lars Heikensten, January 1st 2003 - December 31, 2005
  • Stefan Ingves, since 1 January 2006