Sydney Town Hall

The Sydney Town Hall is a building of the local Hawkesbury Sandstone in the inner city of Sydney in Australia. It is located opposite the Queen Victoria Building, close to the St Andrew's Cathedral and the metro station Town Hall Station. In the main hall of the building, Centennial Hall, is one of the largest pipe organ in the world.


The Town Hall was built in the 1880s in Victorian style on the square of an old cemetery from 1793 bis 1820. The construction shows the motifs, ornaments, roof design and the interior of the time, like this one in also at the Louvre and Hotel de Ville Paris and the castles around Paris, and are to be considered in the Loire Valley. The Sydney Town Hall was built from the yellow Hawkesbury sandstone by stonemasons. The building has a slate cover, was originally released in the landscape and was enclosed by a picket fence. The architect of the building could not yet be determined exactly. The building, which has more than 100 rooms, houses the City Council, reception rooms, the Centennial Hall and the offices of the mayor and city council of Sydney.

In the Centennial Hall is an organ, which was built from 1886 to 1889 and built in 1890. This hall was the concert and entertainment venue in Sydney before the Sydney Opera House was built. This organ was at the time of its commissioning, the largest organ in the world. Today it is a world of two organs with so-called 64' - registers that are complete, expanded up to the sound sub- subcontra C, a low tone. This means that very large organ pipes have to be built. This deep tone can not hear the way most people.

The stages conditioning the Town Hall is a popular meeting place in Sydney, which the city government interferes, which is therefore taking countermeasures against the longer lingering on the steps people and they watched the building at night, so that there is no damage or sprays of graffiti.

In the years 2008 to 2009, the Town Hall has been modernized inside with great effort. The Town Hall is listed on the Register of the National Estate and part of the important historical buildings of Sydney's city center.

The dome of the Town Hall

Roof detail

South side of the Town Hall