T-155 Fırtına

T -155 is a Fırtına in Turkey evolved from the South Korean K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzer. This compared to the K9 Thunder, there are significant differences, for example in the fire control system.

The cadence of the main armament 155 mm L/52 is thanks to the automatic loading system between six and eight rounds per minute. The maximum range of the main weapon is the M107 ammunition (HE ) at 18 kilometers, 30 kilometers, M549A1 RAP (HE) and more than 40 kilometers with ERFB / BB. The armament includes 48 pieces 155 mm 52- caliber projectiles.

The Turkish company MKEK produces the complete 155/52-mm-Waffensystem. The Turkish defense company ASELSAN produces the communication system and the fire control system. The I. Care headquarters in Arifiye / Adapazarı produces the platform, the turret and some subsystems.

Since April 2004, the Turkish armed forces have 150 T -155 Fırtına. The first international mission was the end of 2007 to January 2008 on PKK positions in northern Iraq.