Tamang people

The Tamang (also Murmi or Bhotiya ) are an ethnic group living in Nepal Tibeto - Burman origin. The main settlement area of ​​the nation is located north and east of the Newari in the Kathmandu Valley. It provides members with 1,280,000 five percent of Nepal's population, slightly more than the Newari. Because of geographical proximity, Tamangsprache the language of Newari is reasonably comparable. The affinity to the Tibetans and Sherpa is narrow.

The name Tamang means in Tibetan as much as horse traders, suggesting that the Tamang originally came from the north and operated horse trade with the Newar. Later ( about 1000 years ago ) moved really feel comfortable there, and the two peoples began to mingle. How the Sherpas are the Tamang good climbers and guides; many members of the people earn their money today as a carrier. Some Tamang were also recruited to serve in the British Indian Gurkha regiments.

The Tamang belong to the Tibetan form of Buddhism and Lamaism, mixed with elements from the pre-Buddhist Bon. Due to their proximity to the Newar also a slight Hindu influence can be detected in their rituals.

Many Tamang clans forbid the marriage of members of another nation; others only allow marriages with Gurung, Magar, Newar and Chhettri. Your inheritance is patrilineal system.

Mountain village of Tamang

Pupils from a primary school in Tistung in the field of Tamang