Tanana (Alaska)

Yukon - Koyukuk Census Area


Tanana is a village in the Yukon - Koyukuk Census Area in the Interior of Alaska. It lies about 3 km west of the mouth of the Tanana River in the Yukon and 210 kilometers west of Fairbanks.


Due to the location of two major rivers, the place was an important trading point for Koyukon and Tanana Athabascan long before the first European contact. 1880 was 20 km downstream from the present town of Harper 's station a trading post of the Alaska Commercial Company. The following year, established missionaries of the Church of England 12 km downriver a mission station. Between 1887 and 1900, a school and a hospital were built. 1898 Fort Gibbon was founded for the maintenance of the telegraph line between Fairbanks and Nome at Tanana.

Prospectors who were due to the Gold Rush of the Klondike River in the Yukon, the area left at 1906. 1923 Fort Gibbon was abandoned. During the Second World War an airbase was established near Tanana, which was used as Nachtankstelle for aircraft that were used as part of the Lend-Lease Act.

A new hospital was built in 1949, whose management was transferred in the 1950s to the U.S. Public Health Service. In 1961 the municipal law Tanana

With the Native Village of Tanana is a nationally recognized community of indigenous people in Alaska's Tanana. 81.5 % of the inhabitants of the village are natives or their descendants.