Taunggyi is the largest city and the capital of Shan State of Myanmar. It is located in the Shan highlands at an altitude of 1430 meters. The population was calculated on 205 049 2010 due to update.

Taunggyi is situated on a rocky base. To the west it is relatively abruptly 600 meters down to a fertile plateau to the east another 300 meters up a steep rock line.

During the period of quasi- independent Shan State ( Mong ) had this no common capital, Taunggyi was an insignificant small town. During British colonial rule it became the seat of the Superintendent for the Southern Shan States and in independent Burma finally united capital of Shan State. In the 1970s and 80s, it was the fastest growing city in Burma. Between the census of 1973 and that of 1985, the population grew from 75,000 to 108,000.

The growth of the city was the flourishing trade with the neighboring countries of China, Laos and Thailand at. Main products were the traditional Burmese cigars ( cheroots ) and garlic. In addition, Taunggyi was also a center of smuggling and other illegal activities. The armed forces of Myanmar stationed in Taunggyi many troops to hold from here separatists and involved in the opium trade warlords in Shan State under control.

Taunggyi himself had rail service until 1995. An outgoing at Thazi secondary branch line Yangon- Mandalay ended in a 19 kilometers away Shwenyaung, albeit at about 900 meters lower. Meanwhile, there is an extension to Taunggyi, on this, however, no passenger is taking place. The nearest airport is located in Heho 40 kilometers away.

The city's population is multiethnic. Core of the population make Pa -O ("black Karen " ) and Intha from. The function as capital and commercial center but also ethnic Chinese, Shan, Bamar, Indians and Panthay (Chinese Muslims) moved here. The city is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Taunggyi, whose main church is the St. Joseph's Cathedral. There are also Buddhist and Hindu temples, and mosques.

The UAS of Taunggyi Founded in 1961, in 1992 the status of university.