Technology Student Association

The Technology Student Association is an international organization that promotes the technical training of students and their teachers ( "Advisor ").


In addition to the 48 participating U.S. states, there are a few other associations - national organizations and Chapter - outside the U.S., including in Germany, Scotland, Peru and Turkey. The Chapter from Germany were there until 2012, the only non- American who participated actively in the National Conferences. Since 2012, also participates in a team from Turkey ( Istanbul Lisesi ). Most members of the student organization come from Oklahoma, North Carolina, Mississippi, Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida. About competitions at regional and state level, participants qualify for the national competition. It will convene once a year the best students from every state in part and must put their skills to the test. The organizing of TSA competitions are the German Youth Young Scientists competition comparable.


The first German chapter is located on Wilhelm Ostwald Gymnasium in Leipzig. Since 2001, this German offshoot sends every year a delegation to the United States to take part in the annual National Conference. Since 2005 exists at the grammar school for gifted Schwäbisch Gmünd the second German Chapter. In 2011, the third offshoot was founded at the boarding school Schloss Hans Berg.


The Technology Student Association is under a motto, to which a majority of the projects oriented: " Learning to live in a technical world".

National Conference

The National Conference is the gathering of the participants selected in each state projects at an annually changing venue. In 2011 it will take place in Dallas, Texas.

Previous National Conferences

On the following National Conferences attended German Chapter.

  • 2001 - Richmond, Virginia
  • 2002 - Denver, Colorado
  • 2003 - Orlando, Florida
  • 2004 - Nashville, Tennessee
  • 2005 - Chicago, Illinois
  • 2006 - Dallas, Texas
  • 2007 - Nashville, Tennessee
  • 2008 - Orlando, Florida
  • 2009 - Denver, Colorado - Motto: Shape the Future
  • 2010 - Baltimore, Maryland - Motto: TSA: Tommorow 's Leaders
  • 2011 - Dallas, Texas - Theme: Snapshot of Innovation
  • 2012 - Nashville, Tennessee The Road to Success

Next National Conference

  • 2013 - Orlando ( Florida)
  • 2014 - Washington, D.C.

Famous Alumni

  • Chad Hurley - Founder of YouTube web site and current CEO of Delicious