Telugu script

The Telugu script is an abugida, which belongs to the South Indian Dravidian scriptures.

It is (Andhra Pradesh ) is used in India and is closely related to the Kannada font from which it differs mainly by streamlining forms.

Similarities with other Indian Scriptures

As with all Indian scriptures every syllable has the inherent vowel " a" ( ka, kha, ga ... ), is amended by adding characters to different vowels ( ' ki, khi, ghi ', ...).

As with the other Indian scriptures the sounds are sorted by phonetic aspects:

In the first place the vowels come, then to the place of articulation ( throat from starting ):

At the end of the table, you see then:

  • Semi-vowels
  • Sibilants
  • Aspirate

These groups of five syllabic signs are still after toneless ( unaspiriert - aspirated ), sounding ( unaspiriert - aspirated ) and one each nasal divided.




Telugu Unicode

Unicode Telugu is U 0 C00 ... U 0 C7F.