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Tesco is a British, represented worldwide supermarket chain. Tesco is the largest retail chain in the UK and the third largest in the world behind Walmart (USA) and Carrefour (France ) and before Metro ( Germany ).


The origins of the Group date back to 1919, when an entrepreneur Jack Cohen opened a market stall in London's East End. He had acquired with the severance pay, which had been paid to him at the exit of the British Royal Flying Corps the first inventory. 1924 Cohen began marketing its first own-brand, Tesco Tea. He had the name from the initials of his Teehandelspartners TE Stockwell and the first two letters of his own surname formed.

The first store opened in 1929 in Burnt Oak, London. Jack Cohen in 1934 acquired a plot of land in the Angel Road, Edmonton, North London, to build the new headquarters and a modern warehouse there. In the following years it succeeded the entrepreneur to expand the business operations through the acquisition of existing businesses in the London suburbs steadily. 1947 were first traded on the London Stock Exchange at a price of 25 pence Tesco Stores shares.

A journey of exploration to North America brought Jack Cohen in 1948 to the decision to convert its markets to self-service. The opening of the first store with this new sales concept in 1948 in St Albans, Hertfordshire, and initially led to mixed reactions by customers. The is followed by the great success of the self-service idea enabled the company in the years 1955 to 1960 the acquisition of more than 500 new retail stores. 1958 opened the first supermarket in Maldon, Essex. He was equipped with a service bar for cheese, butter and meat; these fresh goods were portioned by sales staff according to the customer, weighed and packed.

In 1960 the company began selling household goods and clothing in the UK. The purchase of hundreds of competing shops boosted Tesco's market position. 1963 for the first time a customer loyalty program was introduced, the so-called " Green Shield Stamps ". These were to collecting stamps that were issued to the cashier and could be exchanged for goods catalog later. Opened in 1968 in Crawley, West Sussex, the first Tesco Superstore with a sales area of ​​over 3,700 m². Were offered food and non -food items.

In 1973, the company's new headquarters ("New Tesco House " ) in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, based. In the same year, the first Tesco petrol stations participated in major market locations on their operation. In 1977, the output of the Green Shield stamps was discontinued and instead launched a low price campaign called "Checkout at Tesco ". Two years later died of company founder Jack Cohen.

The computer age began for Tesco in 1982 with the introduction of the first digital cash. "Computers for Schools ", establishes a public charity program to improve the IT equipment of schools, was initiated in 1992 and has since been able to provide 185 million pounds available to educational institutions. In the same year opened the first Tesco Metro Market in Covent Garden, London. In this concept on a relatively small sales area of ​​approximately 930 m² on regional clientele are tailored products with a focus on "lunchtime snacks " available. A year later led the Tesco slogan still used today "Every little helps. " a ( German as " Every little bit helps. " or " penny saved is a penny earned. ").

In 1993 the company presented its budget-conscious customers own brand Tesco Value ago, which still can be found on store shelves, and in 1994 opened the first Tesco Express markets, which have a greatly reduced range and for the " quick shopping during the week, " thought were.

1995 expanded Tesco first time abroad and acquired 26 supermarkets in the North West of Hungary. In the same year the Club Card was introduced, Tesco's to the present day successful customer loyalty program, which won almost five million members in the first twelve months. At year-end the Group held for the first time a larger market share than competitors Sainsbury's. 1996 were the first Tescomärkte around the clock opened and the company expanded its sales activities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia from.

Opened in 1997 in Pitsea, Essex, the first Tesco Extra, the biggest market size in the Tesco portfolio. At the same time, the company ventured with Tesco Finance to enter into financial clients business and opened the first Tesco stores in Ireland and Poland, and only a year later in Thailand (Tesco Lotus ). South Korea followed in 1999.

In 2000, the Group started with the tesco.com online age and expanded in the following years worldwide (2002 Malaysia, 2003 Turkey and Japan, 2004 China, 2007 USA).

2003, the chain was honored that they offer the most efficient shopping facilities in Europe to Aldi and Lidl. Was particularly emphasized in this study that did manage unlike many competitors Tesco to establish in all areas of price and quality scale private labels.

Tesco operates 3,146 supermarkets in the UK and employs more than 530,000 people worldwide. Outside the country, the chain in Poland with 446 142 in Ireland, Slovakia with 136 in the Czech Republic with 376, in Hungary with 216 in the United States with 200 ( fresh & easy), Turkey with 191, in South Korea with 520 in Thailand with 1,433 (Tesco Lotus ), and in China with 131 branches represented (as of 2013). From Japan, Tesco has since been withdrawn.

In April 2013, the Group announced to end his loss-making U.S. business. The brand " fresh & easy" is withdrawing from the U.S.. Tesco had opened since 2007, more than 200 stores under that name in the western U.S., with 5,000 employees - smaller supermarkets with a more healthy and alternative foods. The retreat will push the result by about 1.4 billion euros.


Tesco in Most (Czech Republic ) (2012 )