The tessitura (of it Tessitura. , The knotting, weaving, braiding ') is in the singing of the area of ​​the vocal scope, which is available for musical expression.

The tessitura has a smaller circumference than the physically possible vocal range. To tessitura include those sounds that can produce lasting and beautiful sound with the required for a game of timbre in the necessary volume of the singers, without suffering physical damage.

For many singers, the tessitura starts about a fifth above the lowest physically possible tone, and ends about a fifth below the highest possible sound. There are also a lot different from the regular cases, especially in extreme situations, such voices with whistle register or deep bass.

In the classification of opera roles, the term referred to those required for a game of vocal range or the average duration or location of a match, which is essential for managing a game than just occasionally to sing high notes.