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Thaana ( ތ ާ ނ ަ, also spelled Tana ) is the alphabet of the Dhivehi - the language of the Maldives.

The Divehi belongs to the Indo-Aryan languages ​​, but the Thaana font shows more Arab than Indian influence. However, while in Arabic, each letter can have several forms, there are Thaana only one form for each letter. It is a phonetic (as bound ) font. That is, until a few exceptions, one can conclude from the debate on the letters and the letters to the debate. A transliteration into the Latin alphabet is possible without major difficulties. In the Maldives Thaana script and Latin script are ( " Dhivehi Letin " ) used side by side.

Thaana the Arabic is written from right to left like, and vowels are also characterized by high - or subscript additional markers ( low position in the case of [i ] and [i ː ] ).

Each consonant ( = letter ) carries such a vowel, or a " Sukun " as a sign of vowelless consonants. The only exception to this is the consonant " Noonu " the pränasaliert the following plosive without additional marking.

The vowel signs are called " fili ". There are five " fili " are written for short vowels (a, i, u, e, u ), of which the first three, as in Arabic ( " fatha ", " kasra ", " damma "). The " fili " for the long vowels ( in transliteration aa, ee, oo, ey, oa ) are (except above ) simply doubled short " fili ".

The letter " Alifu " (after Alif ) does not have a phonetic value. Instead, it is used in three ways: first, it can be a carrier of a vowel with no preceding consonant, so for vowels in word-initial and the second part of diphthongs. 2 Is he winner of the " Sukun " character, he is the Geminierung ( extension ) of the following consonant; However, nasals are always geminiert by preceding " Noonu " " sukun ". 3 If the connection " Alifu " " Sukun " is at the end of a word, then that word ends in / eh / ( SAMPA code).

Thaana occupies the Unicode character 1920-1983 (hexadecimal 0x780 - 0x7BF, see also Unicode block Thaana ) and is also supported by Windows XP.

Letters of Thaana font

Vowels are represented with Alifu carrier.