The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer

  • Cary Grant: Richard Nugent
  • Myrna Loy: Margaret Turner
  • Shirley Temple: Susan
  • Rudy Vallée: Tommy Chamberlain
  • Ray Collins: Matt Beemish
  • Harry Davenport: Judge Thaddeus Turner
  • Johnny Sands: Jerry White
  • Don Beddoe: Joey
  • Lillian Randolph: Bessie
  • Veda Ann Borg: Agnes Prescott
  • Dan Tobin: Walters
  • William Bakewell: winter
  • Irving Bacon: Melvin
  • Ransom M. Sherman: Judge Treadwell

This is the simple love is not an American comedy directed by Irving Reis from 1947 based on a story by screenwriter Sidney Sheldon. The film was produced by RKO. Germany premiere on September 30, 1949.


Margaret Turner, a judge, taking care of her 17- year-old sister Susan. Appears as a defendant Richard Nugent, an artist who has been involved in a bar fight in court. Nugent is an art teacher at the high school who also attended Susan. In the female students Nugent is very popular, even with Susan. For the school newspaper she wants to run an interview with him. The question of whether she would make a good model, he evades polite. That takes Susan as an incentive and brings it ready to come to his apartment to wait for him there. While waiting, Susan falls asleep. As Nugent comes back, he does not notice Susan. He makes himself a drink, sits down to read. Susan wakes up, and suddenly the police are in the room and arrested Nugent.

Margaret and her uncle Matt, a forensic psychiatrist, try both to help. Matt believes in Richard's innocence. He convinced Margaret, whose friend, the District Attorney Tommy Chamberlain, and the charge of the case judge to drop the charges if Richard continued to meet with Susan. As Richard no desire to 20 years in prison, has he agrees.

Richard, Susan First tried again together with her ​​ex-boyfriend Jerry White. But Jerry does not want to stand in the way of an apparent relationship between the two. Richard then tries to act hard-hearted, so Margaret and Judge Turner abandon the plan. Meanwhile, Tommy suspects that Richard is more interested in Margaret, rather than that he wants to maintain the fake relationship with Susan. And really develop for each other, the two feelings, though they do not want it. Meanwhile, Uncle Matt takes Susan and explains their enthusiasm for Richard childish. When Margaret and Richard have to travel at the same time, Matt arranged that the two are in the same plane and that Tommy is holding back.


" Comedy with wit, irony and pace. "


  • A radio adaptation of the film with Cary Grant and Shirley Temple was broadcast on 13 June 1949.
  • The film played in the U.S., a 5.5 million U.S. dollars.
  • Oscar Awarded met composer Harline to the project. 2 Oscars he won in 1941 for the soundtrack and best song of Pinocchio.
  • Responsible for the costumes Edward Stevenson came later to honor Oscar (1961 for example, an affair ).