The Extra Man (film)

The Past ( Original title: The Extra Man ) is an American- French comedy by directors Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini from the year 2010, based on the novel The Extra Man by Jonathan Ames.


The lonely and shy Louis Ives taught in an exclusive private school and wants to be a writer. After an embarrassing incident, he loses his job and the associated apartment, and finds himself in New York again, without plans, without friends and without a clue as to how to live in this city. It refers as a lodger a small room at Henry Harrison, a failed playwright. Louis takes an office job at an environmental magazine, where he meets Mary, a messed up environmental activist and tries to get closer to her. The eccentric Henry Harrison proves to be almost a freak when he is not fighting for survival: Then he sings alone from operas or dances around the apartment, and in the evening it offers the widows of Manhattan services as Extra Man, as a male companion. The two very different old men slowly come closer to each other.


The film was shot City from February to April 2009 in New York. The premiere took place at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25, 2010. In the U.S. theaters, he came on 30 July 2010. In Germany it was first shown on October 5, 2010 Filmfest Hamburg. The German DVD release was on April 7, 2011.


The film garnered mostly mixed to negative criticism. After assessing the site Rotten Tomatoes it has a rate of 43% ( rotten / rotten ) on Internet Movie Database has a value of 5.8 / 10 Metacritic is a Metascore of 56 out of 100 (as of September 2012 ).

" The grandiose played, intelligently written satire reflected on the side of quirky eccentrics and also pays the Upper East Side of New York reverence. "