Throggs Neck

Throgs Neck ( or Throggs Neck) is a headland in the extreme southeast of the Bronx, New York, which marks the transition of the East River to Long - Iceland - Sund on the side of the mainland.


The eponymous Neighbourhood on the peninsula is limited further to the north of Interstate 95 and west of Interstate 678 ( Hutchinson River Parkway ). The Interstate 295 ( Cross Bronx Expressway) passes through the district center and diagonally from northwest to southeast and then leads over the Throgs Neck Bridge across to Queens.

In contrast to the rest of the South Bronx Throgs Neck is predominantly inhabited by the upper middle class, and the building structure consists primarily of one-and two -family homes. Similarly, there is no connection to the subway. Links to the New York, Westchester and Boston Railway was planned, but was never realized.


The peninsula was first ( Dutch for land of peace ) called by the New Netherlanders Vriedelandt. The current name comes from John Throckmorton. 1668, the peninsula was designated on maps as " Frockes Neck". 1776 warned the headquarters of George Washington in front of a landing of the British in " Frogs Neck". The Throgs Neck Bridge was built in 1957-1961.

In the arts

The following movies / series were filmed in Throgs Neck:

  • Summer of Sam
  • Episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  • Time of Awakening
  • Storage Wars: New York