TinyMCE (Tiny Moxiecode Content Editor ) is a based on JavaScript free WYSIWYG editor for web applications. TinyMCE was first published on March 11, 2004 in version 1.0 under the LGPL.

Using TinyMCE, it is possible to write without knowledge of HTML pages and posts. Here, the input by the user in a text box of JavaScript will be implemented in real time in HTML code and output as a preview. The operation is strongly geared to Microsoft Word.

TinyMCE is integrated in some content management systems as an editor or installed as an extension, such as in Contao, WordPress, Plone etc.


For the use of TinyMCE a JavaScript -enabled browser is required on the client side. On the server side has TinyMCE, if no plugins are required, no special requirements.

The extensions provided by Moxiecode available (eg PHP Spell Checker, MCImageManager and MCFileManager ) need server side scripting languages ​​, however, appropriate.


Depending on the configuration and plug-ins Tiny can underline text, insert pictures or create entire tables. The functionality can be configured individually, as it is possible to activate functions individually.