Tirando denotes a mounting technique of the guitar. It is unlike any of the plucking Apoyando.

Technology and sound

When Tirando - stop ( span of tirar = pull ), also known as free stroke, the finger moves over the so -playing string that the finger does not come on the next lower string after the attack to rest. The main motion pulse occurs at this stop form the largest part of the middle joint of abutting finger. When changing from Tirando Apoyando to a position change of the right hand is needed. The hand "tips " a little forward. This removed the right wrist slightly from the ceiling, the palm is inclined slightly. The fingers are thus strongly curved. Depending on the anatomy of the player, this change is more or less obvious. The tones produced with Tirando are quieter and more overtones than with the technique Apoyando produced tones.


The Tirandotechnik is no faster or easier than the Apoyandotechnik. This varies from player to player and has more to do with preference and history of the guitar.

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