Tokyo Dome

The Tokyo Dome [- dəʊm ] (Japanese東京 ドーム, Tōkyō domU ) is a baseball stadium in the district of Tokyo Koraku borough Bunkyō. It is the home of the Yomiuri Giants, and 2004 Nippon Ham Fighters also denied there their home games before they moved to Sapporo. Except for baseball games, it is also used as a meeting center, eg for concerts, exhibitions and other sporting events.

In 2000, the opening game of Major League Baseball at the Tokyo Dome was held the first regular game of the Major League season outside the United States. American baseball team guesting beginning of the season more common in Japan, last played in 2008, the reigning World Series winners, the Boston Red Sox, their season opener at the Tokyo Dome.

For major events in other sports the Tokyo Dome will be used. So the battle for the World Boxing Championship in the heavyweight division was held in February 1990 there, in which Mike Tyson had to suffer his first defeat as a professional and the title surprisingly lost to Buster Douglas.

The Tokyo Dome was opened on 18 March 1988 and has 55,000 people. Converted into a concert hall he holds up to 43,000 people. It was built on the ancient site of Korakuen Stadium. The approximately 56 -meter-high building, which is jokingly referred to as " Big Egg " (Big Egg) is designed as airdome: All the air is blown into the interior, so that the air pressure is there about 0.3 % higher than the external pressure.

In Tokyo Dome is home to the Museum of the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame, which had previously been housed in a separate building next to the Korakuen Stadium.

The Tokyo Dome is one of the largest concert venues in Japan, many well-known domestic and foreign musicians gave concerts there already. In a public gallery all artists are represented, who held a concert at Tokyo Dome, including Guns N 'Roses, Michael Jackson, Sting, tATu and Jamiroquai.

Owner and operator of the Tokyo Dome is the same corporation.