Tonic parallel

As a parallel sound is referred to in the musical function theory ( small ) terzverwandte triads of parallel keys to the main functions.

In the notation of function theory this major sounds are always denoted by capital letters, minor sounds with lowercase letters.

In the "real" Terzverwandtschaft the scale type of the parallel sound is always contrary to sound output:

  • Tp: relative minor of the tonic major ( tonic in C major, ie a minor)
  • TP: relative major of the minor tonic ( tonic in A minor, ie C Major)
  • Sp: relative minor of the major subdominant ( in the subdominant F major so D minor )
  • SP: relative major of the minor subdominant ( in the subdominant in D minor, so in F major )
  • Dp: relative minor of the major dominant (with dominant G major so E minor )
  • DP: relative major of the minor dominant ( dominant in E minor, ie G major )

If chromatically modified ( altered ) thirds are used, same-sex parallel sounds can occur as a variant sounds; this is called " extended" key. Examples:

  • TP: relative major to the tonic major (with tonic C major is A major; " verdurte " Parallel )
  • Tp: Moll parallel to the minor tonic ( in A minor tonic so C minor; " vermollte " Parallel )

Another type of terzverwandten side triads are the opposite sounds.

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