tr (Unix)

Tr is a Unix command whose name is an acronym for translate ( German: translating ), the specific characters replaced or removed from a data stream.

The tool reads the data stream stdin and writes to stdout and needs depending on mode ( deleting and compressing ) or two ( Replace) arguments.

Should be replaced characters, two arguments are required, the first characters to be replaced, in the second the new one.

Tr ' abcd ' ' jkmn ' changed to a j, b k, c d m and n

Or abbreviated:

Tr ' a-d ' ' jkmn ' Through the operator s all consecutive identical characters are replaced by a single one.

Tr -s '\ n' several new lines are replaced by a single

The operand d deletes all characters specified in the first argument

Tr -d ' \ r' If a c is specified, the converse is also true, so here