Trailer music

Trailer music refers to the musical accompaniment of trailers, such as for movies. It is designed to achieve the interest and attention of the viewer or the listener in a short time. Often determine melancholy or epic sound elements the music.


In a trailer, such as for movies, selected scenes or excerpts are presented from scenes that represent different moods and feelings. The composer of the music trailer must respond to these often abrupt changes and adapt the music. These may be minimal modifications, such as changing individual musical parameters, but also the inclusion of an entirely new melody with the other tone.

For the actual main movie own background music ( score ) is produced. This can usually not re-use for a trailer because it is designed to accompany prolonged scenes.

To the music in the trailers / wants to reach the viewer's attention, but not too much in the foreground. The trailers are often produced even before the film is fully completed; In this case, the composer usually receives only the compilation of the trailer without the narrative voice. This complicates the coordination of various musical parameters, such as the volume.


Trailer music can be of different origin, is one of them

  • Music that was composed by a producer specifically for this trailer
  • Well-known songs (ie music that had already been published)
  • Classical music like Mozart's Requiem (used for the trailer of Cliffhanger - Only the strong survive ) or Beethoven's 9th Symphony ( used slow for the trailer of Die ).


Some producers produce predominantly ( or exclusively) Trailer Music, this includes about the composer John Beal, whose work has been used in trailers for more than 2,000 films (including Forrest Gump, Star Wars, Matrix or True Lies ).

Many composers also create entire collections of trailer music that are sold as a complete work. Among the best known producers include X - Ray Dog, Two Steps From Hell, Immediate Music, Audio Machine, position or Epic Music Score.


Composing a piece can take several months. Increased fees charged by publishers for licensing existing music promoted and promote the composing his own trailer music. You can also use royalty-free music as trailer music.